Jargon Buster


You agree to something. In this case, you ‘consent’ to take part in the survey.


The process of finding out and telling someone what condition or disease they have.

Digital technology

Electronic tools and equipment that are able to create, store and process information. This can include things such as computers and smartphones. It also includes software such as apps and websites.

Heart health

The heart’s job is to supply oxygen and nutrients to the body through tubes called blood vessels. When this process works as it should, you have good ‘heart health’. Sometimes this process doesn’t work as well as it should, and you might develop a heart condition or disease.

Heart condition

An abnormal state of the heart or blood vessels. This state interferes with the heart and blood vessels’ usual activity.

Heart disease

A disorder of the heart or blood vessels.

Healthcare professional

Those who are involved and concerned with the observation and treatment of patients. Examples include doctors and nurses.


Lack of blood supply to the brain due to a blocked blood vessel, or bleeding in and around the brain.


Patterns and topics that are frequently mentioned by people completing our survey.